Providing Businesses with Sustainable Savings Solutions with No risk and No Out of Pocket Costs
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Companies must adapt to this rapidly changing environment by being prepared to change and implement new creative ideas related to sustainability. With over 20 years of corporate cost reduction experience and over 700 Affiliate offices throughout the US & Canada, EWS is the leader in implementing cost effective waste disposal and LED lighting solutions that not only reduce associated costs, they redirect a portion of the savings to pay for the solution and in most cases create positive cash flow for your business! EWS will implement customized corporate sustainability initiatives and lower costs!

Significantly Lower Costs while Diverting Waste from Landfills

Most companies don’t realize they are over-serviced and over paying for waste disposal. EWS has over 20 years experience implementing cost effective waste disposal and recycling solutions throughout the US & Canada. We follow a proprietary 30 step process aimed at streamlining your company-wide waste disposal and recycling plan to ensure you are spending only what you must while meeting specific “green” standards. Most savings solutions reduce your waste disposal & recycling costs between 10-75% per location. We share in the savings we produce for you so there is no risk and no upfront cost. The more we save you the more we earn, our compensation is geared toward cutting your costs.

Increase Positive Cash Flow with Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Receive a company-wide certified installation of energy efficient LED lighting and save up to 80% off of your existing lighting costs while producing positive cash flow for your business. Our lighting design professionals utilize certified state of the art software and research to customize a companywide LED lighting solution which requires no upfront cost to produce. You will clearly understand how switching and paying for LED lights will produce a positive financial impact. Also included in the report will be potential tax deductions, utility rebates and manufacturer rebates so the total financial benefit is demonstrated. We will present both direct purchase and financing options to maximize your cash flow and ROI.

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